Product Development

Have a concept for a new sauce, dressing or marinade that you want to bring to life? We offer the ideal solution for you! Leveraging our diverse expertise and skills, we will assist you in crafting and refining your new product.

Our Package includes:

  • Recipe Development 
  • Production Trial 
  • Microbiological Testing
  • Nutritional Analysis
  • Barcode

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BBQ Sauce


Our product development team are constantly researching new and innovative ideas, so that you are guaranteed only the best, up-to-date products for your customers. The  Product Development team are always available for any questions about your product that you may have.

Collaborating with chefs and food manufacturing engineers worldwide, we have created original recipes, cooking sauces, marinades, and condiments inspired by international cuisine.

Each product is crafted with the utmost care, using high-quality ingredients to ensure an authentic and delightful culinary experience. Our team is passionate about bringing global flavours to your kitchen, allowing you to explore diverse tastes and traditions. Whether you want to improve a product that is already on the market or want to develop a new product to expand your product line, our team have got you covered.

Our collaborative approach means we work closely with you to understand your vision and goals, tailoring our services to meet your specific needs. From concept development to final production, we are here to support you every step of the way. Whether it’s perfecting a classic recipe or daring to explore uncharted culinary territories, our team is committed to bringing your ideas to life.

Recipe Consultancy

Do you have an existing product that needs updated to meet the current market trends? Or maybe something just isn’t right with your current recipe? Our Product development team can help.
We will find out from you exactly what it is about the current recipe you aren’t satisfied with and suggest what changes need to be made. Once agreed, we will then make these changes and send you a sample and you will be asked for feedback. This feedback will be used to refine your recipe until you are completely satisfied with it.

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Trevor Aston – Director – Berkley Kemp Limited

Trevor Aston – Director – Berkley Kemp Limited
“I cannot speak highly enough of the diligent work carried out by Sauce Master when asked to produce our product during the first half of 2019.
Our product had been in market place for 25 years with excellent sales but Sauce Master realised that we needed to change the formulation and produced for us a superb finished item which has fitted in seamlessly with our customers. We are now very much in the 21st Century !.
Thank you again Sauce Master for all your technical skills and hard work.
Looking forward to working with you for many years to come.”